📍Emilia-Romagna | Colli Bolognesi
🍇 Barbera, Cabernet, Grechetto
🧑‍🌾 Sustainable Agriculture

Caccianemici on Sfusobuono

#MakeColliBolognesiGreatAgain - the wine dream of three friends.

As a subtitle, Caccianemici bears the words 'Bio-Authoctona' to highlight the importance they give to the organic farming and indigenous varieties from Colli Bolognesi. Three friends - Giovanni, Walter and Antonio - with a common dream who now find themselves living their second adolescence: with different careers behind them, they have decided to build a symbiosis project with the earth. Giovanni is the one with the deepest passion for numbers, he is in fact the one in charge of the sales network, Antonio has a past as a wine maker in big wineries and today is trying his hand at a more human scale reality and finally Walter mediates between the other two.

‘Make the Colli Bolognesi great again’: this Caccianemici wine project is the result of: recovery of vineyards otherwise destined for abandonment and valorisation of indigenous grape varieties such as Grechetto Gentile and Barbera. Their vineyards are located in Scopeto and the Turrone lands, in the middle of theAppennino bolognese, where the soils are mixed and alternates between gentler hills of bare rock.

Caccianemici's future is prosperous and ambitious: new plots plantings and an entry level line of everyday and territorial wines in bottle, together with a more fancy amphora-aged labels with bottle-fermented frizzanti on the side to complete the range. In general, the wines want to be authentic and frank, excellent to drink on their own, but they are at their best when paired with dishes (even better if from Bolognese gastronomic tradition!). We met the Caccianemici trio during Vini di Vignaioli fair in Fornovo di Taro - one of the first fairs they attended - and we are happy to support this new wine project from the very beginning.