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🍇 Friulano, Malvasia, Ribolla, Merlot
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Ferlat on Sfusobuono

'Vino di bevi?' Ferlat's bag-in-box wines: not a second choice, but an image of tradition and territory.

Ferlat winery is a well-known name in the wine circles of Friuli region; it is based in Cormons in the province of Gorizia and has grown a lot in recent years, especially in terms of quality. A family business active since 1950, always known for the production of bulk wine from Tocai (now Friulano), Malvasia, Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Verduzzo grapes. In the early 20s, Moreno Ferlat, supported by his father Silvano, decided to allocate some of his wine to the bottle and to go on the market with his first labels. From then on Ferlat grew: Moreno is in charge of the cellar, dad Silvano to the vineyard and their partner, Federica takes over the commercial management of the winery.

With Ferlat, we are in the Collio, in a wine-growing area full of big names, among which are small artisanal realities that play the difference. Ferlat's vineyards have been cultivated according to the principles of organic farming from more than 20 years and the wine is certified on the label since 2017; no weedkillers, no synthetic products, only copper and sulphur when needed. Starting from healthy clusters, in the cellar they try to touch the wine as little as possible, using only indigenous yeasts to start the fermentation.

What we immediately liked about Ferlat was certainly their commitment and desire to bottle wines from typical grapes of the area, giving birth to clean and expressive wines that could speak of the land, but without forgetting the long tradition of bulk wine with which they were born: Vino di bevi?