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Fattoria Pomona - Organic Wines from chianti Classico

Fattoria Pomona

Fattoria PomonaFattoria Pomona

Monica Raspi has chosen to make wine in Chianti Classico, in Castellina in Chianti, consciously.

She has never been a winemaker, she is a veterinarian by profession and when in 2007 the family business is in danger of being sold... she decides to close her clinic and pick up the baton! She picks up the manual of Enology, gets stuck on wanting to convert the entire production in organic and learns to go on the tractor. She has always declared himself independent and has been an honoured member of FIVI.

At Fattoria Pomona an unique appointment is the farm coffee: around 11am, that borderline time that is no longer breakfast and not yet lunch, Monica and Mamma Inge spend some time under the patio in summer and in the house in winter, with a glass of Sangiovese and a few slices of cheese. I strongly believe that the farm coffee translates with essentiality the concept of bulk wine and I hope to feel this soon with a bag in box on the table.

Monica's idea of Sangiovese is of an everyday wine and what a winemaker has to transfer to the drinker not only the value of this grape, but its flavor, its joyfulness, its directness.

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