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A love born in Calabria: Laura and Francesco from 'A Vita.

'A Vita winery, based in Cirò Marina on Ionian coast, has become an undisputed reference point in Calabria for the sustainable and artisanal winemaking. In this wine-growing area between sea and mountain, with a view of the Ionian Sea and with the protection of the Sila Mountains behind it, quality wine-growing is increasingly growing. 'A Vita together with the others Cirò Boys - such as Sergio Arcuri and Cataldo Calabretta - has only one goal: to enhance and disseminate the potential of its territory, in the name of ‘Cirò Revolution’.

The souls of 'A Vita winery are Laura and Francesco, a couple linked by their love for Calabria, a land they are committed to safeguarding from a respectful and light agricultural approach. She is a cultural worker, and he is an architect, they both decided to change their lives and invest in this land, starting to produce quality wine from 8 hectares of vines. In Cirò, the most traditional indigenous grape is the Gaglioppo which is also the star of their bulk wine, together with a small percentage of Greco Bianco, the reference white variety in the area.

'A Vita makes wine in an authentic way, just as it has always been done: fermentations are spontaneous, there is no use of chemicals in the vineyard - where the principles of organic farming take the lead - , decantations are natural and the use of sulphites is low. All wines from the cellar are made according to these dictates, even the bulk! ‘Sangue Misto’ is a compendium of a year's work and is nothing more than the blending of wines left over from the racking and pressing of whites and rosés.

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Sangue misto' Vino Rosso Calabria 3L - 'A Vita - Sfusobuono
Sangue misto' Vino Rosso Calabria 3L - 'A Vita - Sfusobuono
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'Sangue misto' Red Wine Calabria 3L - 'A Vita

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