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Cascina Fornace su Sfusobuono

Enrico Cauda and his dream: to offer a quality and artisanal bulk wine to the market.

We have no doubts in writing it: without Enrico Cauda from Cascina Fornace Sfusobuono would not even exist. Enrico put the worm in our heads and he always gave credibility to the project when it was still in progress. Before we started talking about him, we could only thank him!

Cascina Fornace is the home of Enrico and his brother Emanuele: a place of extreme conviviality (especially on Sundays, when lunch becomes dinner), a place that gives life to truly territorial and juicy wines from a very clean agriculture. Enrico is a thoughtful winemaker and enemy of all intermediate nuances, he is an artisan of wine in a total way with sip treatments and very little makeup in the cellar. Enrico's desire is as simple as it is fundamental: to offer on the market a bulk, artisanal and quality wine, nothing to do with a discount one. On another thing he is very convinced: the time is ripe for an approach like this. In the meantime, he starts from high quality Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes, grown on the sandy soils of the highest and steepest Roero and in the cellar they use only steel and concrete tanks.

His grandfather's generation was particularly tied to bulk wine, the one to buy directly from the cellar in demijohn, to which Enrico today wants to pay homage, in the bag in box format. Who knows if the affectionate elderly people of the country will appreciate it anyway?