Craft Myrtle Liquor Sardinia 1.5L - Istinto Sardo

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The craft Myrtle is already a revolution, but packed in bag in box is something you have never seen before! The Mirto 'Ruju' by the guys of Istinto Sardo is produced as the authentic Sardinian grandparents do: water, sugar, alcohol and myrtle berries, without the addition of flavorings or dyes, as tradition requires. Always pleasantly balanced between sweet and bitter, with clear and Mediterranean aromas, you close your eyes and you are in Ogliastra. We suggest to keep In the freezer or in the fridge to better appreciate the aromatic nuances!

馃搷 Sardinia | Ogliastra
馃鈥嶐煂 Istinto Sardo
馃憠 Myrtle Liquor - 31% | 1.5L = 30/35 glasses

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The craft Mirto in bag-in-box is made in the small lab of Istinto Sardo in the village of Tortol矛, in Sardinia. A small place of research and experimentation where things are done exactly as the tradition wants: only the best myrtle berries, without any added flavourings or colourings and very little use of sugar! Discover more about Istinto Sardo

I have a dream: Mirto 'Ruju' in bag-in-box in every beach bar of Sardinia!


This Mirto is the perfect after-dinner (especially during summer!) from Sardinia. Drink it alone and enjoy its aromatic boost. It holds surprises when blended in some cocktail variants! For example mix it with a classic Bitter as an alternative to Vermouth in a variation of 'Americano' in a sardinian style!

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Coming from? From the heart of Sardinia
Craft Mirto from Sardinia 1 mirto glass would costs around 1鈧


Craft Myrtle Liquor Sardinia 1.5L - Istinto Sardo