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La Morella on Sfusobuono

The resistance of bulk wine, from demijohns to bag-in-boxes.

Chatting with Enio Ferretti, host of the La Morella farm, is like chatting with your own father.The older generation of those who used to buy the bulk wine in demijohn directly on the farm, had a glass with the producer and experienced bottling in the cellar at home as a ritual. And the new generation of people living in a two-room apartment in the city, with no cellar, no lift and no desire to bottle their own wine. Enio has responded to this need by filling bag-in-boxes, preserving the tradition of bulk and at the same time adapting to the needs of younger people.

La Morella is an all-round organic farm, wheat, fodder and vegetables are grown, cows are reared, there are also chickens, and local wine is made from the typical varieties of the Tortonese hills: Cortese and Timorasso, Barbera and Dolcetto. Radical and straightforward, Enio tries to do as little as possible in the cellar: zero sulphites and little handling of the musts, giving the wine time to evolve, patiently waiting for the Timorasso to go to zero sugar without intervening and worrying too much.

Enio's cellar/house is always open, a meeting point, a passageway through Carezzano Superiore: try to pass by around aperitif time, you'll find a raised pallet laden with snacks and a few open bottles.