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Athos, a young winemaker from Monferrato and his passion for Grignolino.

Cascina Isabella is a winery founded by Athos's family and based in Murisengo, in Monferrato Casalese, near by Turin and Asti. He represents the fifth generation of a family that has always been making bulk wine, Barbera and Grignolino above all, and that began bottling it in the 80s.

"My grandfather left with a car full of demijohns or 1000-liter tanks and took his wine around Piedmont, especially in the Biella area and in Lombardy".

Since Athos leading the winery, wants to give a real and modern contribution, he talks about zoning "which has never been done here!", ha started to make wine in the vineyard and not only at harvest time and he is working on hospitality activities in Monferrato. He studied Enology in Alba and has created with his classmates the wine project SestaClasse. After an experience in France, at Valfaccenda in Roero and at Iuli, his neighbor, today Athos is back home to devote himself to his projects.

The most interesting project for him is the Grignolino, a typical red grape from Monferrato Casalese that is living an happy revival in these days thanks to its freshness. "An agile and sincere wine, perfect to drink straight away, but which is not afraid to stand the test of time". This wine is light in colour and has a lovely spicy aromas on the nose especially of black pepper. Speaking about white grapes, the most attractive is the Baratuciat: an almost lost variety that comes from Valle Susa. Floral character and fragrant body. We're grateful to have both of them available in bag in box!

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Vino Bianco Piemonte 3L - Athos - Sfusobuono
Vino Bianco Piemonte 3L - Athos - Sfusobuono

White Wine Piedmont 3L - Cascina Isabella - Athos

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