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Terre di Matè on Sfusobuono

Stefania Carrea, the return to the land and the enhancement of Cortese di Gavi.

Our relationship started with an email: 'I am very pleased [wrote me Stefania] to have received your email because in this period I decided to put one of my wines in a bag in box with the same objective that you described: to make the image of bulk wine younger and to re-evaluate its culture'. I would call it 'perfect timing', Stefania would say 'fate'.

Her destiny was marked by the love for the land of her father Matteo's, called by everyone il Maté, to whom the winery owes its current name. Stefania could not resist the call of the land and now she takes care of it at first hand. Please noted that she is a psychotherapist as a first profession. Two attitudes that in his opinion have a lot to do with each other: his task is to help the person and the plant to bring out its best, supporting them gently, without impositions from the outside, calmly.

Terre di Maté is a small and artisanal reality of southern Piedmont, that strip of land very close to Liguria, known all over the world for a white wine that has taken the name of the area itself: the Gavi. The 4.5 hectares of Stefania are located for the most part in Tassarolo and are entirely Cortese planted, on soils rich in clay and mineral salts that give natural minerality to the sip.


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