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Podere ai Valloni on Sfusobuono

What if they told you that there is a boxed Nebbiolo from Boca? There is, and it is also organic.

Podere ai Valloni is an historic winery in Boca, created in 1980 by Guido and Cristiana Sertorio, who fell in love with this land, which at the time was in a state of complete abandonment, taking over an old mansion with vineyard and restoring it. Today it is his daughter Anna who carries on the business, with passion and green spirit, aimed at keeping the biodiversity of the Mount Fenera park, in which the winery is located, as alive as possible. A short walk from here is the majestic Sanctuary of the Santissimo Crocifisso di Boca, designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli (the same who designed the most known 'Mole Antoneliana' in Turin).

The craft philosophy that distinguishes Podere ai Valloni was born in 2011 with the organic certification on the label and the total abandonment of synthetic chemicals for the treatments. Vineyards surround the winery all around, set at an altitude of 480 metres and rooted on 300 million year old soils that originate from the rocks of the Supervulcano of Valsesia.

Podere ai Valloni is lucky to cultivate and vinify one of the most difficult and sophisticated grape varieties we have in Italy: Nebbiolo. Here in Alto Piemonte it gives life to great vertical and fragrant wines, which are still too undervalued. And it is precisely this Nebbiolo together with Uva Rara, to be the star of Rosso dei Valloni, packaged in bag-in-box exclusively for Sfusobuono. Its characterising elements: freshness and juicy taste.


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