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Valli Unite on Sfusobuono

An agricultural cooperative in the Tortona Hills, without leaders and without chemistry, made up of people of heart and freedom.

Valli Unite is much more than an agricultural cooperative, Valli Unite is a community of beautiful people and solid ideals, of work and care of the raw material - whether animal or vegetable - of peace. At the Valli Unite there are no leaders, in fact the equality rights are very important and you can live in a really peaceful state. The project was designed and set up by Ottavio, Enrico and Cesare in the 60s with the desire to give prestige to the land, rather than abandon it, and to bet on sustainable farming when still no one seemed to care.

Wine is certainly a driving factor of the Valli Unite, certified organic since 2007 and entirely pure and free of chemical agents, 'a means to reach people's homes, tables and hearts, a way of transmitting our philosophy'. The winery is the house of experiments of Alessandro Poretti aka Alo's, supported by a strong team of experts and enthusiasts. Tasting the wines of the Valli Unite directly from the barrel is truly a unique opportunity to understand what 'making wine without intervention' means, let the fermentations start spontaneously, have the patience to wait and make mistakes.

At Valli Unite, bulk wine is not a small game, there are customers, especially from the territory, who arrive with their demijohn to fill, there are bag-in-boxes that reach up to northern Europe and then there we are with our Sfusobuono boxes 🙃! Gorgeous people and beautiful collaborations between almost neighbours (we're from Alessandria, few kilometres away Tortona.