'Eddie' Ciliegiolo Toscana IGT 3L - Podere Anima Mundi


The Red of Podere Anima Mundi, or rather, the Marta's red: a 100% Ciliegiolo; once considered only as Sangiovese's support for the Chianti production, today well known and appreciated in purity. A juicy wine like a raspberry, with a pepper spice note, supported by magnetic freshness with a crunchy, tactile and long end.
Special note: low alcohol content, so you can drink more of it 😉

Region: Tuscany | Pisa
Producer: Podere Anima Mundi
Toscana IGT - 11%

Quality red wine in bag in box Craft producer 3L= Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle



At Anima Mundi you can breathe international vibes: Marta is a bit 'Uglianese', a bit French and a bit (more) Polish. She has studied philosophy for years, has understood what the terroir is in the south of France and today makes biodynamic wines in Usigliano's hills, between Pisa and Livorno. Read more about Marta

Let's face it, the bag in box doesn't have a very sexy image! But the Sfusobuono...


Bottled it would be the Ironista, but this year a part of that quantity has been separated and it's in our bag in box, called Eddie. Who is and why Eddie? Eddie is the dog, or rather the shadow of Marta, a Jack Russell with a nice and frivolous face, which you find on the label hand-drawn by Leonardo Terenzoni. Drink it with a panzanella of cherry tomatoes (those from Anima Mundi's garden of course!), with Provençal chicken or with Paolo Parisi's eggs.

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Where does it come from? A dedicated quantity from Ciliegiolo Ironista
Never done bulk wine? NO
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