📍Piedmont | Lombardy
🍇 Barbera, Favorita, Pinot Nero
🧑‍🌾 Organic Agricolture

Sfusobuono - Ecommerce di vino artigianale in bag in box

'Sfusobuono Gastronomico' is a selection we created to underline even more concretely the gastronomic value of the wines we have online.

The leitmotif of the labels of this selection is obviously food, illustrated by our dear friend and wine lover Leonardo Terenzoni - in art @leonidaartem - who with his charcoal always succeeds in transferring on paper what we imagine in our head.

Food is therefore the fil rouge of Sfusobuono Gastronomico selection and it is used to suggest to the consumer the region where that wine comes from and why we chose it. Warning: this is not a pairing suggestion (Sfusobuono is the new black!), but a mental nexus for traveling on the regional tables ready for Sunday lunches.

We started from back home, our Piedmont, with the 'Agnolotto' wines that represent well the tradition of our family tables and then we made a leap across the border with 'Pane e Salame’ [Bread & Salami], a tribute to Salami from Varzi and to the truest Lombard land.