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Antonio Camillo su Sfusobuono

Definitely an artisan winemaker, able to express the Ciliegiolo in an iconic way.

Antonio Camillo is a point of reference for the vinification of the Ciliegiolo grape, a shining example of a winemaker who voluntarily stays out of the spotlight and away from passing fads, an eclectic and personal spokesman for his territory: the Maremma. A borderland between Tuscany and Lazio, between sea and lake, which Antonio well knows and manages to communicate powerfully in the wines he makes; it is no coincidence that the words 'Vini di Territorio’ [Territorial Wines] appear on the label.

In addition to his well-known bottles, Antonio Camillo has never forgotten the more everyday dimension of wine, which he has always sold bulk as a real and proper production line, in demijohns and bag in box. The best grapes, from vineyards over 50 years old in the communes of Manciano and Capalbio, are carefully selected for the production of bottled wines such as 'Principio' and 'Vallerana Alta'; those from younger or less exposed vineyards are used for bulk production. Ciliegiolo obviously, but also Sangiovese for the red wine, Trebbiano, Ansonica and Malvasia for the white.

To confirm the thesis that in a bag in box does not end up a product of low quality, the boxed wine made by Antonio Camillo is incredibly easy to drink, full of freshness and energy, with an vibrant and expressive soul that is almost impossible to find in this format. We recommend it to those who still turn up their noses in front of wine in a bag and to all the fans of the natural wines, because it is realised by a real vigneron like Antonio.