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Revolutionary meetings: Agricola Q and the wine project inspired by the principles of Natalino del Prete

Agricola Q su Sfusobuono

Agricola Q is proposed as an absolute novelty in the Italian wine scene, but on closer inspection its roots are far from improvised and newbies. The first vintage on the market is 2022, but the project officially begins in 2020, thanks to the happy meeting of Antonio and Mina del Prete. Antonio Quarta is the soul of this project, everyone knows him simply as Q, and this is where the name of the cellar comes from. He himself defines himself as a lifelong wine lover, a curious drinker, a collector of prestigious labels, but also an artist, given his past as a student at DAMS in Bologna and as a photographer on set. So when does the spark strike, you ask? When did Antonio decide to become a winemaker? Galeotto was the meeting with Mina del Prete, daughter of the great Natalino, one of the most historic and authentic faces of natural wine in Italy. Some encounters change your life and this is exactly one of them.

Agricola Q is based in Salento, the scenic pearl of Italy and the motherland of the best-known southern rosé wines in the world; right in the heart of the Salice Salentino DOC area, Antonio buys 4 hectares of vineyards planted with Negroamaro. The classic Apulian sapling is the protagonist, with plants ranging from 10 to 30 years of age, with a density of 5,000 plants per hectare. Following in the non-interventionist and environmentally friendly footsteps that have always distinguished Natalino's agricultural practices, Antonio and Mina give life to their first wine: a Rosé made from 100% Negroamaro grapes, vinified with indigenous yeasts in cellar and packaged with a low level of added sulphites, everything played on simplicity. We can say that AgricolaQ is a wine project born somewhat in the name of the bag in box with the aim of producing easy, democratic and popular wines, excellent for accompanying the everyday table as well as an aperitif facing the sea with friends; with an indisputable Salento soul, but capable of being loved by anyone, anywhere.

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Vino Rosato Salento IGT 3L - Agricola Q - Sfusobuono
Vino Rosato Salento IGT 3L - Agricola Q - Sfusobuono

Rosè Wine Salento IGT 3L - Agricola Q

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