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Catarratto: savory and graceful like the Sicilian sea

Fabio Ferracane grew up in the cellar, surrounded by demijohns and fermentation vats: his grandfather owned 3 hectares, but he always gave the grapes to the wineries in the Marsala area. Animated by these memories of his youth, Fabio decides to enroll in Oenology and Viticulture with the aim of learning how to make wine from scratch so as to ennoble the owned grapes sold until then. After this journey he officially became an oenologist, but he soon understood that what he liked most was being a winemaker. "Real wine is not chemistry, but territory" Fabio likes to say and this saying perfectly sums up his idea of making wine.

With Ferracane we are in Sicily, 7 hectares of vineyards in the Marsala area, facing the Stagnone Islands Nature Reserve: a magical habitat where breathtaking postcard views give way to sea breezes and unspoiled nature.

Here the main autochthonous vine is certainly the Catarratto which Fabio interprets in many versions, from the simplest and most daily packaged in bag in box, passing through the refermented and moldy and arriving at the refinements in amphora. It goes without saying that this grape occupies a place of honor in his heart!

In the cellar, Fabio Ferracane works with artisanal methods, i.e. he uses only indigenous yeasts to activate the alcoholic fermentations and adds very few sulphites to the wines only during the packaging phase. His 'Biancuzzo' wants to be a tribute to Catarratto for every day: fresh, flowing and brilliantly savory. A breath of Sicily, salty and Mediterranean, which will lighten your soul in the routine of the metropolis.

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IL 'Biancuzzo' Vino Bianco Sicilia 3L - Fabio Ferracane - Sfusobuono
IL 'Biancuzzo' Vino Bianco Sicilia 3L - Fabio Ferracane - Sfusobuono

IL 'Biancuzzo' White Wine Sicily 3L - Fabio Ferracane

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