Sangiovese di Romagna IGT Organic 3L - Villa Venti


The Villa Venti's Sangiovese is a vintage red from Romagna, almost entirely made with Sangiovese grapes with a very small percentage of Merlot. The grapes are grown on soils rich in sands and red clays and the craft spirit that has always distinguished it can also be tasted in this bag in box!

Region: Emilia-Romagna | Romagna's hills
Producer: Villa Venti
Rubicone IGT Rosso - 12,5%

Quality red wine in bag in box Organic certified producer 3L= Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle



Mauro and Davide are the people of Villa Venti, they are brothers-in-law and have become farmers, deciding to leave their permanent job to devote themselves to agriculture and to live in Roncofreddo, in the province of Cesena. Find more about Villa Venti

It's wonderful to observe, from the cellar terrace, the buzzards fly, letting themselves float lightly by the warm currents.


Daily red, for the table, for the tavern, appreciated by grandparents and able to convince the 'wine nerd' grandchildren; paired with suckling pig from Romagna (mora romagnola) to stay local (maybe cooked by chef Gorini?!), with piadina since we are a few km from Cesena, or with porchetta because, it's simply wow.

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Where does it come from? From less exposed vineyards
Never done bulk wine? YES
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