Succo d'uva Bio 3L - Valli Unite - Sfusobuono
Succo d'uva 3L - Folicello - Sfusobuono
Succo d'uva Bio 3L - Valli Unite - Sfusobuono

Grape Juice Organic 3L - Valli Unite

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Valli Unite grape juice is a regenerating, non-alcoholic drink made using artisanal and non-interventionist techniques in Piedmont. The raw material is certified organic Barbera grapes, harvested when fully ripe, crushed, pressed and left to cool at a low temperature. The resulting fresh must is decanted, cooled again and packaged, ready to be tapped.

📍 Piemonte | Colli Tortonesi
🧑‍🌾 Valli Unite
100% Grape Juice - no sugar, preservatives or added dyes

Succo d'uva biologico
Organic Producer
3 liters are equal to four 75cl bottles

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Succo d'uva biologico in bag in box
Produttore biologico
3 Litri di vino equivalgono a 4 Bottiglie da 75cl
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Grape juice is another must-have product of Valli Unite, a historic agricultural cooperative in the <b>Colli Tortonesi</b>, Piedmont. <b>Not only bag-in-box wine</b>, but also non-alcoholic juice that is made from the same certified organic Barbera grapes that are normally used for their Uvaggio. Find more about Valli Unite

Wine is not an end but a means to allow the earth to tell its relationship with heaven and man.


This grape juice has a beautiful bright pink colour, with intense and pleasant aromas of pulpy grapes. The taste is refreshing and never too sweet, with good acidity and length in the mouth. To be tapped at breakfast and snack time to get both young and old in agreement! Also excellent as an ingredient in some creative cocktails, mixed with gin or a sparkling wine.

Useful Info Sfusobuono

Grape Barbera
Pasteurization water bath, max 70°