Sangiovese Toscana IGT Organic 3L - Fattoria Pomona


Sangiovese by Monica that speaks of Monica: vinous and peaceful, moody and of biting acidity. Of enviable lightness and bursting gastronomicity, it makes you salivate and makes you immediately want a new draught. From young guyot vineyards in Chianti Classico grown organically on soils rich in marl and limestone.
NB: a thought goes out to the demijohn broken preparing our bags 🙏

Region: Tuscany | Chianti Classico
Producer: Fattoria Pomona
IGT Toscana - 13.5%

Quality Red Wine in Bag in Box Certified Organic Producer 3L= Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle Wine bottle



At Fattoria Pomona an unique appointment is the farm coffee: around 11 in the morning, that border line time that is no longer breakfast and is not yet lunch, Monica and Mamma Inge spend some time under the patio during the summer and in the house during the winter, with a glass of Sangiovese and a few slices of cheese. Read more about Monica

My idea of ​​Sangiovese? The one in flask to drink during the lunch with the family.


Drink it fresh (some minutes in the fridge does not bother it), tap it directly into the glass or in the typical flask. An everyday red, a family red that can be found around the table at dinner time. Drink it with 'silly' Tuscan bread and sausages spread on top, with vegetables from the garden and with ethnic cuisine, in which Enrico - Monica's husband - is a true master.

Where does it come from? Sangiovese from young vineyards
Never done bulk wine? NO
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