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Villa Venti | Organic wines from Romagna in 3L bag in box

Villa Venti

Villa Venti
Villa Venti

The unconventional and straightforward side of Sangiovese di Romagna.

Mauro and Davide are the owners of the farmVilla Venti, they are brothers-in-law and have become farmers, learning, studying and trusting those who led them. They quit their permanent job to devote theirself to agriculture and live in Roncofreddo, in the province of Cesena, in a corner of Romagna where you can breathe peace and watch the buzzards fly, letting themselves float by the warm currents.

At the Organic Wine Fair in Nuremberg, foreign buyers asked Mauro if that same wine tasted in the bottle could be bought in bag in box. Bag in box? (doubtful expression on Mauro's face). That same afternoon a conference dedicated to the topic was held and Mauro took part as an auditor. In 2007, in still unsuspected times, Mauro 'bagged' his Sangiovese and time proved him right... Even Fabio Giavedoni, curator of the Slowine guide, initially skeptical of the idea of ​​drinking a wine 'in plastic', he changed his mind and even wrote us an article.

Villa Venti is now a point of reference in the area, well known for a clean, salty and straightforward way of interpreting Sangiovese. The distinctive elements of their doing are: micro vineyards' area split and the 'alberello'. Over time, four Sangiovese biotypes have been planted giving their best at different times and giving the chance to walk among the rows, taste grapes, you understand when to harvest it with an empirical, simple and well-finished approach. The 'alberello' reigns supreme here, it cannot be mechanized and fascinates every time you see it, in Romagna a little more...

Next challenge? Convince Mauro and Davide to attach their label on the bag in box with their legendary rubber bands!

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