📍Sardinia | Ogliastra
🍇 Cannonau, Vermentino
🧑‍🌾 Sustainable agriculture

Pusole su Sfusobuono

One certainty for Roberto Pusole: 'I live in the most beautiful place in the world!'.

The true breath of Ogliastra, the limestone rocks and the blue schist, the wind that models the red stone with infinite slowness, the sea of Santa Maria Navarrese at the bottom; among the trees of Cannonau you can breathe the oxygen of this happily unspoiled Sardinia.

Roberto is the youngest of the Pusole brothers, like his whole family he is deeply tied to his Sardinian roots and since he was a child his time was marked by the needs of the land and animals. There were two ways for him: to stay there and start working in the countryside, or to learn how to make wine on the continent and return. He enrolled in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences in Turin, his family put him to the test, gave him a year.

He spent 5 years in Turin, before moving to work in the Langhe: he became a regular at the Murazzi, a serial eater from Fassona, a taster and winemaker from Nebbioli. Then he went back home and in 2012 the Pusole farm came out for the first time with a label, with a name, starting to communicate in a new way, while continuing to do things exactly as they always have been done .

'I wanted to study to find a scientific reason for the beliefs of the elderly,' he tells us.


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