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Terraviva on Sfusobuono

Abruzzo wines with sea view and no, the 'sea view' in this case is not just poetry, it's simple truth!

We have been wooing Tenuta Terraviva for several months and as often happens, we understand that the collaboration could be work only by getting to know each other in person, and so it was. We arrived in Tortoreto in the Teramo Hills along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, we were fascinated by the sea view enjoyed from the cellar and the salty flavor that the grapes store and give to the wines. 20 hectares of vineyards, surrounded by another 10 hectares of wood, useful for mitigating temperatures and keeping alive the biodiversity of the area.

Terraviva, certified organic since 1998 and awarded for 'Sustainable Viticulture' by the Slow Wine guide in 2021, is also experimenting with biodynamic farming practices in the vineyard, really doing everything to keep the earth alive as much as possible.

Tenuta Terraviva is also (and above all) 'family': Pina, Pietro and the new generation represented by Federica do everything they can to tell, with smiles and authenticity, the potential of the Teramo hills and the beauty of the Abruzzo region.