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Mormaj on Sfusobuono

Wines from Abruzzo with a mountain view, an hour away from the sea.

MorMaj is an artisanal winery from Abruzzo based in Tocco di Casauria, in the hills of Pescara, founded by Andrea and Francesco; strengthened by their professional backgrounds, one in marketing and communication and the other in farm management, they wanted to invest in this area so rich in food and wine excellence. In the cellar they are supported by oenologist Antonio and together they have created a young and ambitious team which in just a few years has managed to make a name for itself well beyond regional borders, arriving with its bottles in the big cities.

The name MorMaj is a neologism inspired by the mountains surrounding Tocco di Casauria: Morrone and Majella. The first three letters of these mountains, put together, give rise to MorMaj. The vineyards are located 300 metres above sea level and the most cultivated varieties are Montepulciano, vinified in both red and rosé versions, Trebbiano and Pecorino. Between the rows they practise organic farming with copper and sulphur-based treatments mainly and always respecting environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

In the cellar the experimentation is always a goal: they use different kinds of vats, such as steel, concrete and fibreglass and they try to keep the nature of the grapes intact. The fermentations are spontaneous with only native yeasts and then they try to touch the wine as little as possible, reducing racking to a maximum of two, without filtration or clarification.