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Sour is beautiful: discovering the wild fermentation of beer in wood

Loverbeer is a small independent brewery based in Marentino, on the outskirts of Turin, born in 2009 out of Valter Loverier's deep passion for beer. His connection with this world began at home, as a homebrewer, together with his first fermenter, and in just a few years he managed to gain the consensus of family members and experts in the field. It all came true when Kuaska, considered to be Italy's greatest beer communicator, quoted Valter among the best Italian homebrewers, encouraging him to take the plunge into the professional world.

LoverBeer Brewery is now a benchmark for the production of wild-fermented sour and fruit-flavoured beers. Valter's idea is to propose a quality product capable of combining the tradition of the oldest and most authentic brewing styles, particularly those of Belgium, with the terroir of Piedmont, region where the brewery was founded. It is precisely from this principle that these beers come to life: 'For Fan' made with addition of fresh apricots and 'Griotta' flavoured with the Griotta black cherry typical of Pecetto and Trofarello.

LoverBeer makes extreme and creative beers, beers with strong acid notes inspired by the Lambic and Kriek belgium styles; they may leave the drinker bewildered at first sip, but what is certain is that they will intrigue him or her! Please note: unlike the classic bottled beer, the bag-in-box format is completely flat and gas-free, because it is packaged before the second refermentation in the bottle.