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🌿 Myrtle berries

Istinto Sardo su Sfusobuono

The traditional soul of Myrtle in Ogliastra: 'we say no to aromas and yes to craftsmanship'.

Istinto Sardo is an hymn to Sardinia, especially to Ogliastra, a less known area of the region far from the spotlight of Porto Cervo, where this artisan laboratory is based. We are in the center of the east coast, in Tortolì, in the province of Nuoro, a few kilometers away from our wine producer Pusole which was the link for this happy meeting with the Istinto Sardo's guys.

Decide to pack the myrtle liquor in a bag in box is already a strange thing, but to put an artisanal myrtle liquor, made in an authentic way, as did by Sardinian grandparents, is pure revolution! 'Ruju' was born from the union of only 4 ingredients: myrtle berries, sugar, alcohol and water and is able to express all the Mediterranean soul of its land. The classic Sardinian end of the meal from an intense red color (ruju in fact!) and the infinite organoleptic spectrum, different every year just like a wine, depending on vintage's climate.

We imagine our myrtle Liquor 'Ruju' by Istinto Sardo in all the beach bars of the Costa Smeralda and why not also in the best mixology clubs of Milan. Good either on the rock from the fridge to enjoy the best of the scents that the freezer risks weakening, or mixed in some cocktail recipe. The same conviviality in a different format, from the 50cl bottle to the 1.5 liter bag in box!


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