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Folicello on Sfusobuono

At Casa Folicello, organic has always been a mantra, 'a way of working, observing and living the land'.

A substantial choice that Antonella and her husband Marco made in the 1980s, with the simple aim of producing a glass of wine without too much added chemistry, initially to be drunk by the family and/or given as a gift to a friend.

Then they started to like making wine, so they built a part of the cellar with their own hands and started to get serious, vinifying with passion the grapes harvested in their own vineyards located on 10 hectares in front of the farm. Even their daughters Federica and Irene, used to breathe the scent of must since they were children, have become an integral part of this family project, dealing with Italian and foreign sales and with communication management, without ever backing out from the hard work in the winery.

Folicello winery has been selling wine and grape juice in bag in box for many years and strongly believes in this packaging defining it as:"a very practical solution especially for artisanal products such as ours". Castelfranco, not far from Modena, is located in a wine area particularly renowned for the production of everyday wines, easy to drink and basically cheap. Making everyday wine without losing sight of quality and keeping an eye on a limited use of sulfites is anything but trivial and it is exactly what Folicello is doing.