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Bombino Bianco
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Morasinsi on Sfusobuono

A young and sincere project in the heart of the Alta Murgia that has always been fond of the bag in box.

With Agricola Morasinsi we are in Puglia, precisely in the Alta Murgia, with of two new generations of artisan wine, Sveva and Peter, who share a true passion for the land and for viticulture. The meeting with Sveva live took place for the first time in Berlin, at the event Prosit at the Markt Halle Neun: it was casual and maybe at the same time also a little intentional. We had tasted his wines for the first time in Altamura, after the event Vini di Vignaioli in Bari and one thing convinced us right away: their authenticity.

Agricola Morasinsi cultivates the most typical varieties of the surrounding wine area, Moscato, Bombino Bianco and Chardonnay for the whites, Aglianico and Nero di Troia for the reds and rosés. The authenticity found in the sip is the result of a meticulous and kind work starting from the vineyard. The plants have their roots in calcareous and clayey soils, rich in humus and vitality, a consequence of the regenerative agriculture practiced on the farm. In fact, it is no coincidence that the biodiversity here is so rich and varied, with tree and herbaceous species that grow spontaneously around the vineyards.

The philosophy of Sveva and Peter, landlords of the Agricola Morasinsi, is to vinify only their own grapes using only porous materials such as cement, terracotta amphorae, ceramics and wood. A bit as if their wines needed to breathe the oxygen of the surrounding environment to stay alive and vigorous. The fermentations are all spontaneous and the phases of the moon and the biodynamic calendar are followed to cadence the cellar activities. Welcome aboard Puglia!