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La Marca di San Michele su Sfusobuono

One of Italy's most prestigious whites in an alternative format: welcome Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi!

The people behind La Marca di San Michele are Daniela and Alessandro, a couple of passionate winemakers and incurable world wanderers based in Cupramontana, in Castelli di Jesi area, heart of quality Verdicchio production (and home of the vincisgrassi!); a verdant, biodiverse land that makes you want to stay. The vineyards in the 'San Michele' district at an altitude of 400 metres have over time adapted to a pleasantly temperate microclimate, between Appennino and Mediterranean sea, between the mountains and the waves of the sea, on soils rich in limestone, clay and slate. In the vineyard they practice organic and biodynamic agriculture, leguminous green manure is used as a natural fertiliser and treatments such as cow horns are carried out, while in the cellar the use of sulphites is kept low and only indigenous yeasts are used to activate fermentation.

Dani and Ale's families are winemakers, but they were able to choose to study and tried to do something else, to leave their home in Marche and return back, to learn how the world works outside the countryside and to voluntarily decide they wanted to work there. Galeotto was a meeting in Lyon with a gang of Vignerons Indépendants: from here the desire to revive the grandparents' vineyards, inspired by sincere and true ideals, far away from trends and standard tastes. First the fascination and poetry, then the effort and finally the satisfaction of making a product from the work of own hands.

The most popoular grape at La Marca di San Michele is the Verdicchio, a white wine of exceptional quality also suitable for long ageing, but also excellent to drink in vintages; a wine of the sea, saltiness and Mediterranean scrub, vinified only in steel with great acidity and minerality. This bag i box wine is called Sciató Moris, a hymn to joy and to the unconditional love of good drinking together. The genesis of the name? Daniela told us that in 2010, in the early years of their career as winemakers, they did an experiment by leaving some of the white wine on the lees; the test gave terrible results for them, but when Maurizio (Moris) tasted it, he said: “Sooo good!”.