Every day drinking, the one that makes you feel 'at home', the easy and drinkable sip that goes well with the table, the daily answer to those who can't help but sip a glass during meals. Here is how we intend the bulk wine.

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A sip of home

The prerogative of the bulk is to be an easy drink, to be consumed within a few months, which by definition does not require long maturation and which for this reason can very well keep its characteristics intact organoleptic without the need for corks. If once you went directly to the winery, equipped with your demijohn, bottles or any other container, today the bag in box can shorten the distance between consumer and winemaker and give stronger guarantees of conservation to the product. For most of us the bulk is red par excellence: for the people from Piedmont it is Barbera or Dolcetto, varieties that have always been used for the production of easier labels than His Majesty Nebbiolo. We're full of bulk wine from Piedmont , because it is a region with a well-rooted tradition, especially in less noble areas such as Monferrato and the Tortona hills. For Tuscan people it is Sangiovese, it is Chianti in a straw flask, it is substance and pleasant acidity like that of Buondonno or Pomona Farm. If we move further south we find Montepulciano, especially in Abruzzo and Marche, characterized by a round tannin and a beautiful fruity soul. However, let's not forget that often the bulk wine is the result of an assembly, both starting from native vines, and from the most famous international ones such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, capable of giving life to soft and smooth reds, very versatile and pleasant. Its noblest quality is that it can be paired to the simplest food with sobriety, giving easy refreshment during the lunch break and igniting the more carefree conviviality during some reunion or eaten in company. We are not looking for a perfect pairing in this case, on the other hand we are looking for sensory peace, non-critical pleasure, the taste that makes us feel good.

At high levels, is the bulk wine considered?

Bulk table wine has its own intrinsic dignity: in recent years this topic has been at the center of countless disseminations by sector communicators and tasters. Just think of Fabio Pracchia who in his newborn independent blog Ripeness is All speaks of it in these terms: central element of Italian wine culture, a real anthropological trait that connects drinking noble to the peasant heritage from which we come ". And actually the agricultural tradition of our grandparents goes back a little to that glass of red drunk in the company of some friend in the bar (perhaps the only one) in the town. "A way to rebalance the tired palate between one tasting and another" Fabio said in the editorial staff of Slow Food Editore during a summer full of tastings working on the Slow Wine guide. And it is not the only one: Sandro Sangiorgi , creator of the Porthos project - undisputed reference point for natural wine fans - in a very beautiful passage from 'The invention of joy' describes it as “ a joyful and inviting, intimate and non-binding food kit ". Bulk wine in demijohn to be bottled at home has always forged a double bond with its place of origin and brings with it a cultural heritage and truly profound natural. "It is only in recent years that the bulk drinker has transformed in the collective imagination into a stingy and a bit of an imbecile", writes Sandro Sangiorgi, mocking a bit of those who think they drink quality wine just because buy it by the bottle.

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